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Location Rodrigues
Minimum Age 7
Operating Days All Days
Duration 2 days
Activity Time Flexible
Transportation Offered as Supplement
Comment Maximum number of passengers for the overnight excursion is 5
from 1,990€

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This Activity Is Not Operational Until Further Notice

Overnight Exclusive fishing trip on a 53ft boat in Rodrigues!

Rodrigues is one of the best “multi-fishing” destinations in the world surrounded by a large continental plateau. The entire plateau is covered with numerous spots (small underwater structures as "coral mushrooms") perfect for jigging and bait fishing.

Come and discover firsthand the roar of the inboard Caterpillar engines, and the scream of tightly stretched line when a marlin or other gamefish has struck the kona, is a pulse-racing experience! As part of the trip, you can expect to see a variety of fish in the lagoon of Rodrigues such as dog tooth tunas, groupers, wahoos, ignobilis kingfish, marlins, dorados, yellowfish tunas, sailfish, sharks…

Overnight Fishing around Rodrigues / East Bench – 50 nautical miles away from the shore

  • Crazy about fishing?
  • Looking to discover a virgin fishing destination?
  • Are you up for a once in a lifetime adventure?
  • Searching for something extraordinary?

Look no further! This is definitely the ideal trip for you!

This overnight fishing trip – duration of 2 days / 1 night (34 hours) is all about doing the extraordinary, discovering a true heaven on earth with various astonishing species and having a lifetime memorable experience.

On-board a 53 feet boat you would head for about a 34 hours of adventure for the best fishing experience of your life.

You can choose to either have an extended tour around Rodrigues or go sea-hunting on the East Bench.

The boat departs at 08:00 from Port Mathurin for a thrilling adventure at sea: two days of heart-stirring fishing and a nomadic night at sea. Night fishing is an experience filled with emotions.

During this trip, you will sail for more than 6 hours to the outer sea where you can find a greater variety of fish species in abundant numbers.

With a maximum of 5 participants, you will enjoy the boat exclusively for yourselves accompanied by two very experienced fishermen known by the locals as the Gods of the Rodriguan waters.

As part of the trip, you will discover a wide range of fish species within a few miles of the port (ditto rate for 2 days/ 1 night on the East Bench). Be warned, some ‘fishing fights’ can last for monstrous hours!

During the night, the boat will stop at sea for the night stay. It is one unique opportunity to feel the rhythm of the waves while you doze away from the tumultuous landlife.

The East Bench - Located 50 miles east, there is a huge structure offering more than 2000 meters of altitude. This half ‘Mont Blanc submarine’ is spread over an area of 100 km2. Peaking at 41 meters below the surface, it is a real springboard for the ocean currents which, hitting them, create marvelous upwelling, replacing cold, denser water brought up from the subsurface.

Included in the price!

  • Full Board stay consisting of 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and drinks; all to be provided on board.

After a memorable time on the deep sea, the boat will drop you back on shore at around 18 00 at Port Mathurin on the second day of the trip.

What is included? All included in the price!

As you part of the trip, you will be offered 3 meals a day and below, you can have more information about the menu:

Coffee / tea / milk; slices of toast / bread; butter / jam.

Lunch menu (Variable):
Generally, you can expect a mixed salad (with rice, pasta or potatoes) served with fresh fish, or chicken or sausages. As desserts, you can have fruits and home-made cakes.

The dinner menu consists of a hot meal with meat and vegetables—and dessert to please your palates.

Only non-alcoholic drinks such as water, soft drinks (Coca-Coca, Sprite…) are provided on the boat.

Note: in case you are vegetarian we would request you to please inform us in advance in order to make the necessary arrangement for you.

About the Fishing Boat

Technically conceived and designed for Rodriguan waters, the boat is very comfortable for ‘fishing raids’. Power, performance, comfort and security define this monohull cabin-cruiser. It has a real computer that re-records with extraordinary precision: you can see 3D training canyons, coral heads, walls or trays as if there was no water!

Very stable and which can maintain up to 5 days of autonomy.

More about the boat

  • D'UNIENVILLE 53 feet (16,16m x 4,70m).
  • Engines: 2 x 5OO CV YANMAR Inboard.
  • Water tank: 3000 litres.
  • Fuel tank: 2 x 2500 litres.
  • Fully equipped kitchen (sink, gas hub, oven, built-in cooler).
  • Large living room, wide seats, plenty of storage, CD player.
  • 3 individual cabins with air conditioned (10 beds in total).
  • Bathroom (sink, shower, toilet).
  • Large living room to fly bridge with large table and beaches (12 seats).
  • Fighting chair.
  • Spacious back deck: 5 jiggers can fish side by side.
  • Wide rear platform to move during a fight

Fishing equipment on Board

  • TROLLING Rods: Penn International (30 Lbs Stand Up)

Rods: Profile Trolling (50 et 80 Lbs)

Reels: Shimano Tiagra 30, 50, 80 Lbs + Braids

  • JIGGING Rods: Patriot Design

Rods: Zenaq Fokeeto

Rods: Shimano Jig Wrex

Reels: Shimano Stella 20000 and 18000 + Braids

  • POPPER Rods: Shimano Aspire

Reels: Shimano Saragosa 14000 + Braids

About Game Fishing in Rodrigues:

What was traditionally a small-scale activity and a livelihood support has developed into an internationally-famous sport today for the worshippers of fish. Rodrigues’s location is strategic, with its outer reef edges miles away from the coast and shoals rich in fish; the sea around is bountiful. It is of no wonder that the island is a holder of world fishing records; for specialists, this is only the beginning of a long series of many other records to come.

In Rodrigues, you can find two ideal fishing periods: from October to June, and from December to April. Also keep in mind one important thing: where the sea is too easy, fishing has become very hard.


  • Maximum number of passengers for the overnight excursion is 5.
  • All equipment lost or broken will be charged
  • You can bring your own equipment. It is advisable to bring any perishable material: hooks, lures, bottom line, etc.
  • We offer the fishing trips during all the year except the month of July and August
  • What to bring? Cap, sunscreen (sunblock), sunglasses (polarized), a windbreak for overnight fishing trips. Patches or tablets for seasickness are also recommended


  • Price for boat hiring for the day: 1,990 Euro
  • Price per passenger for lunch and drinks (maximum of 5 passengers): 95 Euro

This Activity Is Not Operational Until Further Notice

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