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Location South East
Operating Days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Duration 6 hrs
Activity Time 10:00 - 16:00
Transportation Offered as Supplement
Comment Price includes: Shuttle boat transfers to Ile des Deux Cocos Island, Glass bottom boat trip to Blue Bay Marine Park, Exclusive day use of the Villa and an exquisite Mauritian buffet and many more.
from 439€

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A Unique Day Trip to Ile des Deux Cocos including VIP Villa

Fancy pure luxury and VIP treatment in a unique way?

We have the immense pleasure to offer you a special day and villa package on an all-inclusive basis for a dream indulgence at Ile des Deux Cocos Island.

Only five minutes boat ride from Blue Bay jetty, Ile des Deux Cocos is the ultimate secluded destination for those who wish to unwind and enjoy luxury at its best.

This fantastic package stands out with the exclusive day use of the Villa, an exquisite Mauritian buffet and its high-end facilities. Sit back in the Moroccan-style courtyard under its shady palm trees and softly-splashing fountain, walk around the beach for the most beautiful photo spots, or explore the underwater marine life as part of a unique snorkelling trip to the Blue Bay Marine Park – everything is included in this remarkable package.

A perfect day of luxury and relaxation on the private Ile des Deux Cocos at an unbeatable price is an unforgettable experience like no other!

Ile Des Deux Cocos Island with VIP Villa Day Use Includes:

  • Exclusive day use of the amazing Ile des Deux Cocos Villa
  • Refreshing towels
  • Shuttle boat transfers to Ile des Deux Cocos Island
  • Welcome cocktail
  • A sumptuous, delicious Mauritian buffet
  • Drinks package of unlimited local drinks
  • Sun beds
  • Glass Bottom boat trip to Blue Bay Marine Park
  • Snorkelling equipment
  • Complimentary Facilities: Tree of Hope, Mojito Counter, Pancake Counter (14h00 -15h00)
  • Live Music during lunch
  • Archery (maximum 2 participants)
  • Bubble Soccer (maximum 4 participants)
  • Villa rooms: 3 Rooms, including 1 Master Bedroom, 2 Standard Rooms.
  • Villa capacity: 6 persons
  • Room Facilities: Air conditioning, a safe, a hair dryer, en-suite bathroom with two washbasins, hot tub and more!
  • Villa facilities: Private Terrace, Private Pool and own solarium

Note: Towels are not included

About the Luxury Day Trip to Ile des Deux Cocos:

Get immersed into a blissful haven, luxury, comfort and complete relaxation, with the most elegant villa on an island at Ile des Deux Cocos.

On the South-East coast of Mauritius in the middle of Blue Bay Marine park, the majestic Ile des Deux Cocos (the Island of Coconuts) rises out of the ocean to welcome you to Paradise. The island invites you for a pure enjoyment of the highest standards both in comfort and in services provided by the courteous and friendly staffs. A day on the private island of Ile des Deux Cocos, has been the highlight of many visitors’ staying in Mauritius and a place not to be missed.

This day trip is offered on an all-inclusive basis including boat trip to the island, an exclusive day use of the Villa, a sumptuous Mauritian buffet lunch with unlimited local drinks, glass bottom boat trip to Blue Bay Marine Park including snorkeling and other facilities on the island – a dream indulgence.

Your luxury day trip to Ile des Deux Cocos starts with a short 5 minutes boat shuttle departing from Ile des Deux Cocos jetty heading to the South East Coast.

As you step on the island, you will be welcomed with refreshing towels and a welcome drink. You will immediately feel the charm of this small private, paradise island and the relaxed atmosphere all around.

Nestled amongst the trees on Ile des Deux Cocos, lies the magical “Follies” Villa which was built over 100 years ago by Sir Hesketh Bell, one of the first British Governors to Mauritius. This is a place of true magic and beauty, which has been used for glamorous and luxurious parties. The villa’s architectural style is a unique mixture of various influences and styles; a clever mix of British and Moorish architecture with a Mauritian-style interior.

You will have free time to enjoy this private 252m² villa, its Master Bedroom for 2 people only from 11:00 to 15:00, its many facilities, including the beautiful swimming pool. The royalty treatment is emphasized with the housekeeper, valet and chef for an outstanding personal service. The exquisite lunch buffet- served on the island in a lovely open area with tents, is as unique as the island with a delicious mix of a culinary journey. Be sure to visit the Mojito Counter where you can sip on custom drinks made with mint, basilica or even curry leaves!

Sit back in the Moroccan-style courtyard under its shady palm trees sipping a variety of divine cocktails, walk around the beach for the most beautiful photos or explore the underwater marine life as part of a unique snorkelling/swimming trip on board a glass-bottom boat to the Blue Bay Marine Park – everything is included as part of this incredible, luxury day package.

To the north of Ile des Deux Cocos, you will see the pearl-white beaches and turquoise waters of the lagoon. Calm and inviting, the cool waters around the island protect an incredible nature reserve hidden underwater.

This underwater nature reserve, known as the Blue Bay Maritime Reserve is one of the best places where you can discover the enchanting underwater marine world with its superb corals, wonderful array of brightly colored tropical fish such as the Surgeonfish, Clowns, Butterfly fish and many more.

Back on land, you can enjoy a variety of land activities including the fun sports of Archery and Bubble Soccer. Choose your Hunger Games partner and test your aiming skills or enjoy a fun and bouncy experience on the beach, enclosed in a bubble suit.

Before you leave the island, be sure to help yourself to some yummy pancakes at the Pancake Counter, offering special gourmet treats for the islanders. Whether you choose to stroll along the shady paths, drift into the gentle island way of life under a palm tree, or explore the outstanding underwater marine life; Ile des Deux Cocos offers an exceptional and memorable experience!

Food & Beverages- Ile Des Deux Cocos


As part of this luxury day package at Ile Des Deux Cocos Island, we offer you to enjoy an exquisite Mauritian buffet in one of the most beautiful settings.

Starters (Make Your Own Salad): Seafood Salad, Beef/ Emmental cheese/ Chicken Ham/ Olives/ Chicken/ Onion/ Tomatoes/ Cucumber/ Lettuce/ Carrot/ Boiled Egg/ French Dressing/ Vegetables

Sauces: Cocktail Sauce/ Mayonnaise/ Olive Oil/ Balsamic Vinegar

Main Courses:

  • From The BBQ – Jumbo Prawn, Catch of the Day, Seafood Skewer and Sauce
  • Mauritian Delights – Fried noodles with shredded vegetables/ Chicken Curry and plain rice/ Vegetable Fritters/ Chili bites (Gateaux piments)/ Mauritian bruschetta/ Dholl Puri

Desserts – Chocolate mousse/ Fresh fruits/ Milky rice flavored with orange/ Banana flambé/ Coconut balthazar/ Chocolate financier/ Mixed homemade ice cream

The lunch buffet also includes an unlimited soft drinks and local spirits: Flat and sparkling water, soft drinks, fruit juices, local beers, House wines and a selection of House rums.

Mojito Counter

The island offers a Signature Mojito Counter to pamper guests. Make your own Mojito concoctions with Mint leaves, Basilica or even Curry leaves. A diverse selection and great tastes await you!

Pancake Counter

The Pancake Counter is available everyday, from 14h00 -15h00 for special gourmet treats. Don’t miss the yummy pancakes before leaving the island it is a must!


  • Please do inform us in advance where you would like to have your lunch in order for us to do the arrangements.
  • Should you have any specific dietary requirements and limitations, please do inform us in advance to cater for the same.

Optional Activities


Explore the Shipwreck

A 10-15-minute glass bottom boat ride will take you to the shipwreck site outside the Blue Bay zone. You will then have one hour to enjoy swimming and snorkeling and to explore the site.

The shipwreck off Pointe d’Esny holds an important piece of the island’s history; the ship sank during the famous naval battle of Grand Port, that took place between the British and the French. The Grand Port harbour was the scene of a rare heavy naval defeat for the British empire. You can still see part of the wreck on the reefs, with remains of cannons completing the underwater scenery of this historic battle. During the 1-hour snorkelling session, you will also get to encounter a myriad of colourful fish - emperors, lionfish, snappers, jack fish, clownfish, moray eels, anemones, barracudas, amongst others.


Activity Times: 11.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Islands visit

The Islands Visit outing can be tailored to 1 or 2 hours, to suit your needs. Grab this opportunity to discover the famous picturesque islets of Mauritius, namely Ile aux Phares and Ile de la Passe. Once there, you will be able to explore the islands and take pictures of the magnificent landscapes. You will also be able to get a glimpse of the small protected island, Ile aux Aigrettes. All you have to do is relax and let your inner Robinson Crusoe take over.

Ile aux Phare

Also known as Ile aux Fouquets, Ile au Phare is a small rocky island, named after a lighthouse built in 1864, which was still operational until the beginning of the 20th century. It’s also where the French explorer, François Leguat was imprisoned by the Dutch. As the island is surrounded by coral, it is only accessible by boats with a flat bottom. Its turquoise waters are home to an incredible number of sea urchins, including the Priest’s cap urchin and the stone urchin.

Ile de la Passe

Ile de la Passe is a small but very historic island off the south-east coast of Mauritius. It played an important role during the famous Battle of Grand Port over the possession of the harbour between the 20th-27th of August 1810. The French Navy’s victory over the British Royal Navy at that time marks the only victory under the Napoleonic regime and as such is commemorated by an inscription on the Arc De Triomphe in Paris.

Ile aux Aigrettes

Classified as a Nature Reserve by the MWF (Mauritius Wildlife Foundation), this small island is situated a kilometre off Pointe D’Esny and was used as a military base by the British during World War Two. Of the two artillery pieces installed there, one can still be seen while having your trip around the island.

Today, however, huge efforts are being made to restore the island to its former natural glory, with on-going projects to reintroduce and protect endemic flora and fauna. Hence, you won’t be able to get down on the island, the boat will take you around it.


  • Duration: 1 or 2 hours
  • Boat capacity: 20 Pax (Minimum 4 pax per trip)

About Ile Des Deux Cocos Island

In the midst of Blue Bay Marine Park, on the South-East coast of Mauritius lies the majestic Ile des Deux Cocos (the Island of Coconuts) which rises out of the ocean to welcome you to its tropical paradise.

Nestled amongst the trees, lies the magical “Follies” Villa. Built in the 1920s by Sir Hesketh Bell, one of the first British governors to Mauritius. It is a place of true magic and beauty, which has been used for glamorous and hedonistic parties. The villa’s architectural style is a unique mixture of various influences and styles; a clever mix of British and Moorish architecture with a Mauritian-style interior.

Carefully restored, the Villa still retains its original character with its shaded Moroccan-style courtyard and a fragrant garden laden with bougainvillea. You will immediately be charmed by the swimming pool framed by beautiful wooden decks. The lounge, dining room and the bedrooms, specially decorated is definitely worth the visit.

The Villa is perfect for some romantic and exclusive time in couples or family and can be booked exclusively, or visited as part of the our day excursion, Luxury Day At Ile Des Deux Cocos Island.

To the south of this island resort in Mauritius, the spectacular ocean is an ever-changing spectacle of waves striking against the coral reef. In contrast, to the north lies the tranquil, sandy white beaches border of Blue Bay Marine Reserve, one of the most stunning spots for snorkelling in Mauritius.

Here a gentle sea breeze caresses, the ocean shines blue, and the only traffic is the movement of fish between coral. Welcome to a little piece of paradise afloat in the Indian Ocean!


  • Villa bookings should be made well in advance during the peak season (Dec - Feb) to ensure availability.
  • Maximum Villa Capacity: 6 persons

Dear Customer, to book this activity please contact us on +230 269 1000.

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